Terms & Conditions

Aquatic Quarantine Space Reservation

1. Space reservation is possible only through the Online system and no manual space reservation facility is available.

2. Booking to be done between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Online booking will not be available on Sundays.

3. Each Stakeholder is allowed only a single valid transaction per calendar month. This transaction can be used to reserve space for any date/month within the validity of the Sanitary Import Permit if space is available.

4. Stakeholders are permitted to book a maximum of 4 cubicles in a single transaction.

5. No bookings can be made in less than five days prior to the arrival of the consignment.

6. Scanned copies of Annual Allocation Permit (issued by CAA) to be uploaded in the system for one time approval.

7. Sanitary Import Permit (SIP) and undertaking (as mentioned in point 23 of Terms and Conditions) are to be uploaded along with online space reservation application.

8. The number of broodstock permitted per annum shall be strictly limited to the annual broodstock quota permitted by CAA and no carry forward of the balance numbers (if any) to the subsequent financial year would be permitted.

9. The user fee for quarantining broodstock of biomass per cubicle upto 16 kg is Rs. 80,000/- and for >16 kg to 25 Kg is Rs. 1,15000/- respectively with an additional charge for fumigation services at the rate of Rs. 2200/-cubicle .

10. Stakeholders are required to contact AQF Helpline for booking confirmation 24 hours after they complete the booking. No complaints on non-receipt of confirmation mail will be entertained by AQF, if a stakeholder fails to contact AQF in time.

11. In the event of a stakeholder reserving cubicles for the same date from the same supplier, using the same/different SIP, but on two different occasions, both the transactions will be treated as separate transactions/consignments and all requisite documents including the shipping documents are to be uploaded separately by them even if the consignments are imported from the same supplier and arrives at AQF on the same date and time.

12. The space would be confirmed by AQF on verification of the documents within 48 hours of completing a successful transaction

13. If documents are not found in order, the reservation would be cancelled and the amount paid by the user would be refunded electronically after deduction of bank charges.

14. Booking will be rejected, if the details entered by the Stakeholder (such as supplier details) during booking are found to be incorrect.

15. Provisional Quarantine Certificate will be issued by the AQ & CS only after the Shipment Details & Documents are uploaded by the stakeholder.

16. Once the confirmation of booking is received by the stakeholder, valid Certificate of Health indicating the SPF status of Shrimp, Certificate of Origin, Test Report, Health certificate, commercial invoice and packing list details to be uploaded, in the Shipment Details page on or before prior three days before the arrival of the consignment, failing which the allotted space would be cancelled.

17. Any change in the confirmed schedule of arrival of the consignment should be immediately intimated to the AQF, failing which AQF shall not be responsible to receive the consignment from the airport. One day buffer period is permitted to accommodate flight delays. However extra cubicle reservation charges for an additional day would be levied from the stakeholder in such cases. Stakeholders are however, not permitted to bring the consignments a day prior to the reserved date. Stakeholders are also not permitted to bring the consignments beyond the buffer period. Violation of this clause would debar the hatchery operator from making any further bookings for the calendar year and cancellation of any/all existing bookings made by the stakeholder for the remainder of the year.

18. Modification of booking on the number of animals to be imported/ the number of cubicles required is not permitted.

19. Stakeholder is required to obtain provisional quarantine clearance certificate from AQ & CS and import the consignment vide the same Sanitary Import Permit (SIP) which has been utilized to reserve space for that particular booking ID.

20. Stakeholders should utilize the same SIP for import of consignments that has been used for space reservation. Submission of valid SIPs, other than the one that has been utilized for reservation of a particular booking ID, will prevent the hatchery operator to do further bookings for the year and cancellation of any/all existing bookings made by the stakeholder for the remainder of the year.

21. Consignment would be received by AQF only if it is imported vide the SIP utilized for online space reservation. In the event of a stakeholder opting for a change in SIP, the SIP details for the confirmed reserved space to be edited with details of a new approved SIP, upon payment of an additional Rs. 1500/- (Rs. One thousand five hundred only) for a single change.

22. Original SIP should be submitted at AQF at the time of arrival of the consignment to the quarantine facility. AQF shall endorse the SIP and would return it to the stakeholder at the time of dispatch of the consignment from AQF.

23. The “undertaking” in the application form for space reservation is to be duly prepared on a company letterhead by the authorized personnel and uploaded in the application during space reservation. Only the person who issued the signed letter is permitted to deal with AQF regarding the consignment including its collection from AQF after quarantine. However, in case if the signed in person is unable to deal with the process, required hard copy of the authorization letter to be provided at AQF.

24. The consignment should arrive AT THE AQF between 12.01 am and 11.59 pm on the booked date. Stakeholders are advised to plan the shipment accordingly.

25. AQF will not be responsible for any mortality during the quarantine period and no claims whatsoever shall be entertained in this regard.

26. The amount remitted for booking the cubicles shall be forfeited in case no cancellations are made as per the “Cancellation rules/refund policy” or the cubicles are not utilized for the above days.

27. In the event of failure of a stakeholder to import the consignment on the reserved date and do cancellation online, the status of that particular consignment in the AQMS application would be “pending”. In such circumstances, the number of broodstock intended to be imported would be deducted from the Annual permit and SIP quota and further bookings will not be possible by the party unless and until the hatchery operator cancels online.

28. The following transaction processing charges(plus applicable taxes) would be levied in addition to the cubicle reservation charges while making the online transactions:

Direct Bill Pay (Net Banking) facility : 1.25% of customer payment amount
Gateway Bill Pay (Credit/Debit Card) facility : 2.00% of customer payment amount

29. AQMS Helpline numbers are the following: 9884468507 and 044 24495070. For payment/accounts related queries, please contact: 9965858739 and 04364 265219 (Mr.K.V. Ravikumar).

30. Complaints and queries to be directed to aqfacility@gmail.com