Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
(A Society under Marine Products Export Development Authority,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)

Technology Development Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

President's Desk

Ms Leena Nair, President, RGCA.
RGCA the R & D arm of MPEDA, is proud to announce the launch of its website, which provides comprehensive information about the vision, mission and achievements of the organisation. RGCA is dedicated to augment the Indian Seafood Exports through sustainable culture technologies. The dedication of the organisation is reflected in the achievements in all the projects being implemented by them in different species at specific locations. The organisation which functions as a society under MPEDA, with no profit no loss motto has made breakthroughs not only in culture technologies of Shrimps but also in diversified species such as Seabass, Groupers, Mud Crab etc. With the implementation of projects such as the Pilot scale Marine Finfish Hatchery Project at Vizhinjam, Kerala, Grouper project at A & N islands and Mud Crab hatchery project at Thoduvai, Tamil Nadu, RGCA is fully geared up to change the existing trend of restricted species culture practices, which is prevalent in our country. So far, the coastal aquaculture has been mainly shrimp centric and the export revenue was mainly contributed by the shrimps. But with the applied research pursued by RGCA in culture technologies of diversified species, India can now look forward to expand its export oriented aquaculture base by exporting high valued finfish and shellfish species, apart from the conventional ones.

In less than a decade, the organisation initiated a couple of unique projects such as the Domestication of Tiger Shrimp, L.vannamei Broodstock Multiplication Centre and Scampi Broodstock Development Projects which are the first and the only ones of its kind in India. Many noteworthy breakthroughs have also been achieved from these flagship programmes of RGCA. The organisation is unique and distinct from other research organisations as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the raw material availability for export and processing through applied research culture technologies. The Scampi Broodstock Development Project, which has resulted in the production of Neo-females has created the possibility of an all male seed production, the development of high health seeds for Black Tiger Shrimp, the setting up of the Nucleus Breeding Centre for selective breeding of Tiger Shrimp the one and only Mud Crab hatchery in the country, are all technologies which once transferred to land from RGCA labs will revolutionize the aquaculture performance of our country. Again, the organisation was the frontrunner to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in substantially enhancing the vannamei export from the country by ensuring SPF quality vannamei broodstock to the importers by mitigating the risks associated with imported broodstock. The construction and operation of the state of the art AQF facility, (Aquatic Quarantine Facility for L. vannamei ) under Dept. of Animal Husbandry Dairying & Fisheries, MoA in the shortest possible time was the corner stone of the L. vannamei revolution in the country. The facility being constantly upgraded and expanded to accommodate and quarantine the country’s vannamei broodstock requirements.

In order to facilitate a totally transparent and customer friendly space reservation in the AQF, the online quarantine space reservation for L. vannamei has been brought in, through this website. Henceforth, all approved vannamei importers across the country can book their space reservation through click of a button. The AQMS (Aquatic Quarantine Monitoring System) application serves at single window system by accepting all the documents & payments needs to be provided for reserving the space in AQF. The application also provides an opportunity for the user to view & select the vacant slots in the calendar.

Apart from this, there are a number of beneficial features of this portal. All services, especially the farmer friendly services rendered by the organisation such as consultancy, disease diagnostic services, information on training programmes etc. would be available through this. By linking some of the renowned international journals to this portal, I am confident that this site would cater to the needs of students and the scientific community. It will also provide selective access to the rich and growing aquaculture library of the RGCA. As it is the link to a wealth of information, I am sure the website of RGCA would be a gateway for the aquaculture research community and for the industry to communicate and interact.

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