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Tilapia Project

Nile Tilapia
   Phylum :    Chordata
   Subphylum :    Vertebrata
   Class :    Actinopterygii
   Order    :    Perciformes
   Family   :    Cichlidae
   Genus :    Oreochromis
   Species :    niloticus

The Tilapia Project took its origin in 2008, at Manikonda village, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh to develop and standardize technology for all-male Tilapia seed production and Grow out farming of two strains of Tilapia, viz. the GIFT strain from M/s. World Fish Centre, Malaysia and the  Redline GMT strain from M/s.FishGen, United Kingdom. 

The project is also pursuing a fully pedigreed Selective Breeding programme with GIFT strain Tilapia in India in collaboration with the WorldFish Centre, Malaysia and envisages popularization of Tilapia farming in India as a prime export commodity.

Tilapia Farm

Infrastructure Facilities

The Tilapia Project of RGCA has been developed on a 12.3 acre site and comprises of 10 ponds of 2600 sqm water spread area each and another 10 ponds of 300 sqm area each. It is also equipped with a reservoir and an effluent treatment pond, supported with aeration systems and power backup systems.The ponds include experimental ponds for various grow-out trials as well as broodstock ponds for the Breeding programme and seed production activities. The project is supported by a breeding unit and an all-male seed production unit.  The breeding unit contains 28 incubation jars for hatching of Tilapia fry while the all-male seed production unit has 14 FRP tanks of 2 ton capacity each for rearing of fry.

Present Status of Technology Development

  • Technology for seed production and farming of both GIFT and GMT strains has been standardized.
  • Sex reversal techniques in the GIFT strain with hormone feeding, for the production and supply of all male seed has been standardized.
  • Selective Breeding programme with GIFT Tilapia commenced during August 2011 with a long term vision to sustain the supply of high quality seed to the industry. The project has been successful in the development of 46 families of G3 GIFT stocks in India. 
  • The project has also commenced the production of all male GIFT Tilapia seeds for supply to the Industry. Around 1.9 million all male GIFT seeds have been supplied to farmers, Fisheries Departments of various states and Fisheries Universities for their grow-out farming demonstrations. 
Technology Transfer 

  • The Tilapia Project of RGCA has commenced organizing training programmes in "Breeding Seed Production and Grow-out farming of All Male GIFT in India" from June 2014. Three batches of training have been conducted so far for the benefit of officials from the Department of Fisheries Tamil Nadu, Department of Fisheries, Kerala, farmers and entrepreneurs from across the country.  
  • The project is geared up to provide technology support for the Establishment of Satellite Breeding Centers across the country for mass production and supply of seed to the Aquaculture Industry. Consultancy packages have been formed for transfer of above technology.
  • The project is also fully geared up to supply high quality GIFT germplasm to emerging Breeding Centres and Hatcheries and transfer the technology for mass production of All Male Tilapia seed to the industry. 


The Team

Asst. Project Managers :    Shri. B. Appala Naidu
:    Shri. Mathews Varkey
:    Shri. P. Srinivasa Rao
Jr. Project Manager :    Dr. Johny T. Varghese
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. U. Gunasekaran
:    Shri. M. Gnanavel
:    Shri. Siva Kumar P.S
:    Shri. Lakshamanarao Nayudu
Technician :    Shri. G. Senthil
Electrician Cum Mechanic :    Shri. K. Rohini Kumar
Accountant :    Shri. V. Subash

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